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Storage equipment

Warehouse equipment is a complex of specialized technical and stationary devices that simplify and accelerate the processes of cargo transportation, and solve the problem of convenient placement of goods.

Technical devices are used for moving goods within and outside the warehouse. To perform these tasks, forklifts, electric forklifts, electric stackers are used.

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Storage equipment

Advantages of use

Forklifts are multifunctional machinery that move loads over long distances, lift them to different heights. There is a wide range of loaders with diesel, gasoline, gas and electric engines.

Electric forklift - universal special equipment. Due to the absence of any vapors, they can be used in food warehouses and in medical institutions.

Stackers are used to quickly perform lifting and lifting operations from the required height, stacking goods on top of each other, unloading vehicles. Electric trailers operate on an electric drive, they differ in mobility, simple operation, and they do not require special skills of personnel.

Stationary devices - various designs for storing goods in a warehouse (racks, pallets, containers). The optimal solution for stacking and preserving products are racks.

Shelving equipment - stacked metal structures, which are designed to store goods of various types, both in tare and on pallets.

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Main trends

Main trends


Availability of new machinery and equipment used

Main trends


Reducing operating costs for machinery

Main trends


Environmentally friendly machines

Main differences

We follow the current trends and constantly expand the range of products

Main differences

  • A wide range of special equipment
  • Mobility and high productivity
  • The ability to choose the machinery according to your needs

Product Benefits

  • Convenience of machinery management
  • Availability of models with diesel and electric engines
  • Possibility of ordering additional components
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