Packaging materials

Currently, each product needs constant protection, which can only be provided with the help of precisely selected packaging materials.

Modern packaging materials make it possible to keep the products intact during the transportation and storage of the product. In addition to the protective function, packaging acts as a cover: it forms the image of the product, thereby stimulating demand and attracting the buyer.

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Packaging materials

Advantages of use

Contemporary packaging materials are the optimal solution for the most reliable protection, safe transportation and convenient storage of various goods.

Materials for packaging protect products from possible damage; retain all properties and presentation of products. Packaging materials have such important characteristics like friction resistance and durability, small size, long lasting period of suitability.

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Main trends

Main trends


Security and Environmental friendliness

Main trends


Good design

Main trends


Protection of goods

Main differences

Our company takes into account all the transformations of the modern market, new technological ideas of manufacturers. Evroeskort has a strict approach in order to choose reliable supplier.

Main differences
  • Individual packing solution for each order We work with each customer individually. We will help you to choose right products that are ideal for you and which will meet your goals and expectations.
  • Wide range of materials We provide a diverse range of durable and environmentally friendly materials for the packaging of goods of various types.
  • High quality characteristics of resources We try to maintain a high level of quality in all aspects of our activities, especially when selecting the supplied resources.

Product Benefits

  • A wide range of different types of packaging materials
  • Practicality of the provided products
  • High durability of packaging components
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