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Today, the effective operation of each large enterprise is directly related to the correctly organized warehouse arrangement. The warehouse is an integral link between the producer and the consumer. The warehouse is a complex system, the clear and orderly operation, which allows establishing processes of acceptance, transportation and sale of goods.

The main functions of any warehouse are receiving of goods, temporary placement and storage of products, movement of cargo through the warehouse, preparation of shipments for the further dispatch. Placement and preservation of material and commodity values is one of the main functional tasks of the warehouse. The implementation of this function implies carrying out works to ensure optimal conditions for storage of goods, various methods of packing, accessibility, and the ability to perform of quick search.

For optimal and rational use of a warehouse, stationary devices and structures are needed. The main warehouse equipment used for stowage and storage of goods are racks.

Shelving - a universal equipment, which is a portable structure of multi-deck levels or shelves. Currently, metal racks are mainly used due to their strength, durability and fire safety.

Racks solve the majority of warehouse tasks, such as minimizing the occupied area of the warehouse, the fullest use of the entire warehouse space, simplifying the processes of unloading and loading goods, streamlining the products in the warehouse, rationalizing the labor of working personnel. Shelving structures make possible the selective placement of products, a simple and affordable location of goods, ensuring the safety of goods, as well as the rapid and uncomplicated search of the right product.

The racks are characterized by their reliability, ability to withstand heavy loads, while maintaining their operational properties. The location of the shelves should be arranged in such a way that the loading machines can move freely and maneuver without touching the structural elements.

The main advantages of racks:

− universality;

− ease of operation;

− strength;

− durability;

− reliability and stability;

− ease of installation and maintenance;

− fire safety;

− high load-bearing capacity;

− compact placement of goods;

− rational organization of the area of the premises.

The choice of racking equipment corresponds to the tasks and the size of the warehouse.

Following types of shelving can be chosen:

Pallet T

he most common kind of shelving. They are characterized by ease of adjustment and correction of the necessary cell sizes, open access to all sections of the rack.


A universal kind of shelving, applicable for storage of both piece and boxed goods. Shelving racks are irreplaceable for storage of bulky goods or products of non-standard form and size.

Entry (stuffed)

Used for storing a single-type product with a long shelf life.

Mobile (movable)

Provide the ability to move the structure, changing the width of the aisles and driveways, thereby optimizing the area of the room.


Used to store long products (pipes, rolled products, building materials). They are characterized by their ability to withstand heavy weight.


They are equipped with inclined roller tracks, thanks to which the movement of the load is carried out under the influence of gravity.

Multi-level rack systems (mezzanines)

Individually designed multi-tiered structures based on both shelf and pallet racks. Allow maximum use of the warehouse, creating additional floors and storage areas.

If you decided to rationally organize the space of your warehouse, contact the specialists of «Evroeskort» to determine the type and size of the rack structure. You will receive competent advice on all questions and points of interest, as well as an effective solution for storing products.

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