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The activity of any storage house is impossible without the use of functional handling equipment. Stackers will help quickly and efficiently stack the goods, move the load on the shelves, use the warehouse area rationally and allocate additional storage space.

Stackers are easy to operate and they are efficient loading machines, with the help of which you can transport, lift to the required height and stack products of almost any size. The name of this equipment determines its main functional tasks: stowage of cargo in stacks and racks. Hand stackers are also can be with electric drive. Manual stackers are the easiest machines to install and maintain, but at the same time have low productivity and slow down the workflow.

Stackers with the electric drive - the optimum decision of industrial and logistical problems in a warehouse. Electric stackers are indispensable devices for medium-sized warehouses and complexes, which, thanks to the lifting motor, quickly process the goods, increase the speed of execution of all warehouse operations, reducing their labor intensity.

The construction of the electric stacker is equipped with special pallet forks and resembles the device of an electric forklift. Stackers with electric lift, in contrast to loaders, have a lower value by several times, are more compact, can be used in multi-levels buildings, easily placed in the elevator without creating any extra issues to maneuver them inside the building.

Stackers are adapted to handle loads in narrow aisles between racks. Small dimensions, compactness, and high maneuverability characterize this technique. Electric stackers have a lifting capacity of up to 2 tons, a lifting height of up to 6 meters. Because of using electric stackers, it becomes possible to increase the height of the shelves, thereby creating more space for rational use. The small diameter of the wheels of the electric stalker determines such an important condition for the operation of these machines, as the presence of a hard and flat floor.

Stackers are easy and understandable in operation; do not require high qualification of personnel. The operator can operate the electric stacker in the cab or the warehouse employee following the machine via radio control. Convenience of management reduces physical loads of the personnel, raising labor productivity.

Electric stacks are adapted to any climatic conditions, can be used in non-heated rooms with low temperature.

The main advantages of electric stackers:

− compactness;

− maneuverability;

− high performance;

− optimum lifting height;

− high load-carrying capacity;

− ease and ease of operation;

− effectiveness;

− universality;

− minimum maintenance costs;

− affordable cost.

Electric stacks are functional equipment necessary for performing tasks of any complexity when handling goods in any warehouse.

If you are interested in the possibility of purchasing an electric stalker, contact the managers of the company "Evroeskort", and you will be able to get high-quality equipment for efficient work at affordable cost.

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