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Modern functional warehousing technology ensures fast and high-quality performance of loading operations, allows reducing risks of damage of the cargo, and increases the efficiency of work. At present, the market of warehouse equipment is characterized by a variety of reliable machines with impeccable quality. Among the various models of floor transport, electric forklifts are becoming increasingly prevalent.

Electric forklifts - high-quality warehouse equipment, which is designed for stacking, lifting, moving and sorting of goods, performing loading and unloading operations. Electric forklifts are equipped with forks, which, as a basic working tool, make it possible to carry out warehouse operations qualitatively and promptly, both with small and light as well as with heavy, bulky (dimensional) loads.

Electric forklifts meet all modern requirements for loading equipment; high performance indicators, strength, and simplicity of control distinguish them. An important element of the electric forklift is its source of energy. The power supply of the electric forklift are traction batteries of two types: acid and alkaline. Traction batteries are simple to operate, do not require complicated maintenance. The compactness of the electric motor makes it possible to place the battery under the floor of the machine, which makes it possible to lower the center of gravity, improve the stability of the loader, and increase the free space in the cabin.

Electric forklifts comply with the world standards of environmental safety, not emitting harmful exhaust gases into the environment. During operation, the electric forklift does not create noise, does not cause discomfort for the working personnel, which allows the machine to work for a long time. Environmental friendliness and quietness make electric forklift trucks indispensable equipment for working indoor spaces, at grocery stores, wholesale bases, in medical institutions etc.

Electric forklifts are ergonomic machines, characterized by their compactness and maneuverability. Electric forklifts are deployed almost in place, can work in conditions of limited space, the minimum distance between racks. The loader cabin is made of high-strength materials, providing protection, safety and maximum comfort for operator.

This type of loading equipment is simple in service. Electric forklifts require less time and money to replace the power source, while replacement with new batteries is easy and simple, and old batteries are serviced separately, without interrupting the workflow.

The main advantages of electric forklifts:

− ecological compatibility and low noise level;

− compactness and maneuverability;

− high performance;

− reliability and durability;

− ease of management;

− wear resistance;

− convenience and comfort for the operator;

− low operating costs;

− ease of maintenance;

− high technical characteristics;

− tractive power.

Functional features of electric forklifts make them universal machines that can be used at large retail outlets, wholesale depots, production warehouses etc. With all the positive sides, electric forklifts have some weaknesses. Electric forklifts should be operated, avoiding a rapid temperature drop and moisture on the electronic parts of the loader. The electric motor of the loader requires regular charging and has a high cost maintenance.

The company "Evroeskort" represents electric loaders of the company Baoli. For the optimal choice of the model, contact us, and our specialists will select a model of a modern and functional forklift that meets your requirements and the capabilities of your warehouse.

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