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Kion Baoli is the world's largest manufacturer of loading and unloading machinery and storage equipment. Loaders Baoli are the modern technology machines, which are represented in most key markets in more than a hundred countries.

The Baoli brand is part of the Kion Group, along with such brands, as Linde, Still, OM. Kion Group is one of the leaders in the production and sales of high quality loading equipment in the world. Headquarters, company’s assets, engineering complexes of the Kion Group Corporation are located in Germany.

Kion Baoli is a promising company from China, whose history began back in 1993. Starting with the production of electrical equipment, Kion Baoli has been actively developing from year to year and today has become a large-scale supplier of electric, gasoline, gas and diesel forklifts of its own production.

Kion Baoli is located in near the city of Jinjiang. The company's production area has its own 100,000-square meters. The company has a very developed infrastructure, characterized by high-tech production, using advanced technical solutions. So, the activity of Kion Baoli is characterized by the use of plasma and laser cutting, automated painting, highly-efficient presses, conveyor lines for the assembly of loaders and components.

The range of Baoli includes both trucks with an internal combustion engine with a carrying capacity of up to 10 tons, electric forklifts, and additional factory equipment. The company is constantly working on expanding the production line, introducing innovative solutions and techniques from Japanese, American and European manufacturers, increasing the safety and reliability of loading machines.

Baoli loaders are a combination of leading German technologies from Kion and a democratic price from Chinese manufacturer. As part of Kion Group, Baoli represents an economy segment, combining the budget price with high quality equipment, thus being an ideal solution for small and medium-sized businesses.

Main advantages of Baoli loaders:

− ease of operation;

− high level of service;

− compliance with safety requirements;

− excellent technical characteristics;

− high performance;

− maneuverability and mobility;

− wide range;

− combination of price and quality.

Contact our managers to clarify the information and technical specifications of the Baoli loader models so that you can choose the type of loader that is optimal for your warehouse tasks.

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