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Toyota is a well-recognized leader in the market of loading equipment and warehouse equipment. Great experience in designing and manufacturing various models of lifting equipment, application of modern technologies, high quality standards allowed the Japanese concern Toyota to take a leading position in the field of warehouse logistics.

Loaders Toyota - an effective solution for performing loading and unloading operations of any complexity and all sorts of tasks for the effective operation of storage facilities. Toyota produces a variety of loaders with different characteristics, which in the category of used cars are the highest quality machines. Japanese forklifts are distinguished for their reliability, significant performance and indispensability when carrying out tasks of increased intensity.

Toyota forklift and trucks are manufactured at the Takahama plant in Japan, with a production capacity of more than 45,000 vehicles per year. The enterprise is equipped with modern equipment and advanced technologies, which makes it possible to manufacture a stable, reliable equipment that meets all international standards (ISO 9001, ISO 14001).

Toyota develops a large number of models of loaders with electric, diesel, gasoline and gas engines, among which diesel trucks are the most popular. Diesel trucks are equipped with exhaust filters and engines of the latest generation, which consume a minimum amount of fuel and meet all environmental requirements. Diesel engines were created with the help of modern technologies and techniques; differ in power, the possibility of continuous operation, and the minimum level of toxicity. Toyota diesel loaders can be used both on open areas and inside storage facilities in maximum loading mode. The use of loading machines from Toyota makes it possible to work at night, since the rear part of the truck is equipped with stop lamps with red light, which, as sidelights, will prevent collision with other equipment.

All Toyota loaders have a patented stabilization system that provides the ability to control the level of the forks, stabilize the pole in one position, and synchronize the steering wheel. Toyota loading equipment can work in high temperature conditions thanks to the engine's cooling system, and the presence of a multifunction display makes the use of the loader simple and easy.

All Toyota forklifts are designed to provide maximum comfort and safety for the driver. Convenience and spaciousness of the driver's seat, adjustable seat and steering wheel, the location of the controls next to the driver, vibration protection contribute to improving the quality of work and workflow.

The main advantages of Toyota forklifts:

− high performance;

− durability;

− high quality and reliability;

− ecological compatibility;

− quality control of materials and parts;

− stability and maneuverability;

− ease of operation;

− low maintenance costs;

− comfort and safety;

− low fuel consumption;

− compliance with international standards.

For the selection of the loaders, call us, and our managers will explain and help you in the range of loading equipment and find the most effective solution.

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