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Automation of the packaging process

Creation of optimized and high-quality packaging is an important stage in the process of preparation of goods for transportation, storage and end use. The next important issue is how to make the packing of the products and further packaging formation mostly effective.

This issue is relevant for each production complex. After all, modern technology allows us to automate any manufacturing and warehouse processes in the enterprise. This makes it possible to reduce the use of manual labor as well as avoiding the huge presence of the human factor which will significantly increasing the productivity of the work.

Providing high durability without increasing costs is a key factor for an effective packaging process. Thanks to the integration of high-precision motors and high-speed data acquisition cards, packaging machines are able to create flexible automated systems, significantly reducing costs and increasing the productivity of production lines.

Why automate packaging operations 

A few years ago, the focus was on ensuring the quality content and attractiveness of the appearance of the product in the package. Recently more and more enterprises from various industries are striving for the maximum level of automatization on all stages of production, including packaging in external containers and storage of finished products in the warehouse. With this regard, we can identify the main objectives of the of automation systems:

− minimization of external negative impacts on packaging processes;

− reducing the risk of damage and preservation of fragile and expensive goods;

− reducing or eliminating the influence of the human factor;

− significant growth in productivity and accordingly the volume of the output.

The main advantages of automation systems

Automation provides control of equipment as well as for all production lines and processes. A number of undeniable advantages characterizes full control over production processes:

− guaranteed performance improvement;

− stable product quality;

− absolute safety and environmental friendliness of production;

− reduction of operating costs;

− increase of accuracy, reliability and pace of operations;

− the flexibility is required for line production;

− increase in overall production efficiency.


Variations of automated systems

Very important aspect in the implementation of the projects for the automation of packaging processes is the introduction and the correct, optimal selection of packaging equipment.

Currently, there are number of machines designed to automate packaging at all stages of the process, from the formation of boxes, fixing them to reducing the void volume and sealing.

Depending on the functions performed and the intended use, automated systems for forming the box and sealing the cargo, fixing the product, reducing the transporting volume, etc.

If you have decided to increase production volumes and upgrade your production system, «Evroeskort» will help you to make the necessary changes. In accordance with your needs, our managers will provide consulting support in order to select, purchase and further operation of specialized automatic packaging equipment.

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