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Advantages of use

Nowadays, the market of warehouse equipment is represented by various models of loading and unloading equipment, among which the most popular and in demand are forklifts. Loader is a lifting and transporting device designed for loading and unloading goods, transporting cargo for short distances, stacking and distributing products on the warehouse territory.

The forklift is equipped with special attachments - a forklift, with which the truck performs all the necessary operations with the load (cargo). In most cases, the forklift is in the front of the machine and comes into operation via a mechanical drive. The forklift combines the functional features of a car and a crane. The fork grip allows the machine to work with small and bulky cargoes: move over long distances, lift to a considerable height, stack, and maneuver with cargo.

Wide range of different models of loaders, characterized by their characteristics (load-carrying capacity, lift height, mast type, and number of supports) and the specifics of the work are presented in the market of machinery. Depending on the type of engine you can choose between gasoline, diesel, gas and electric forklifts. The operating conditions and the features of the operation of the machines determine the choice of a forklift by type of engine. So, most often diesel and gasoline forklifts are used in open areas, electric and gas - in closed premises.

The most popular are diesel-powered trucks. This type of machines is distinguished by its versatility, economy and high power. Diesel forklifts have high speed of movement, different lifting capacity (up to 5 tons), they provide maximum values of the lifting height of the goods, and they are suitable for working with high intensity and high turnover. The disadvantages of diesel forklifts include noise, toxicity of exhaust gases. Manufacturers of loading equipment constantly develop their products, equipping it with the latest motors and filters that reduce the level of toxicity and noise.

Main advantages of forklifts:

− multifunctionality;

− high performance;

− maneuverability;

− compactness;

− economy;

− effectiveness;

− durability;

− reducing costs.

Due to all its positive properties, forklifts are used in many industries and human activities:

− construction;

− agriculture;

− logistics;

− earthworks;

−  trading;

−  activity of industrial enterprises;

− work of warehouses, commodity bases, stations, ports.

The company "Evroeskort" offers various models of forklifts produced by Kion Baoli and Toyota. Specialists of our company will be happy to answer all your questions and help you choose the model of the truck that will exactly match your requirements.

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