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Storage equipment

Main functions of the warehouse

Warehousing - an integral part of the production process and the technical scheme of the enterprise. The main purpose of the warehouse is to storage and control of the movement of commodity values, the completion of finished products, the performance of loading and unloading as well as other operations.

Effective organization of the warehouse is the basis for the effective operation of the entire company. The established activity of the warehouse allows to ensure uninterrupted production operations, fulfillment of orders on time, organization of urgent shipments, and to normalize intra-warehouse processes.

Warehousing should function quickly, efficiently, performing operations at the set times and with minimal costs.

Warehouse complex: components

The warehouse is a complex system, the main elements of which are personnel, material and commodity stocks, warehousing equipment and structures and orderly warehouse logistics. For the effective operation of the warehouse, it is necessary to take into account and develop all components separately with its further integration in one complex.

Warehouse equipment is one of the key factors in the warehouse's operation, which allows it to optimize work processes, reduce labor, material and time resources and in the same time improve the efficiency of warehouse utilization.

Warehouse equipment is a complex of specialized technical and stationary devices that simplify and accelerate the processes of cargo transportation, and solve the problem of convenient placement and storage of goods.

Types of technical devices

Technical devices are used for moving goods on the territory of the warehouse and beyond. Thanks to the use of this special equipment, the speed of loading and unloading increases, while remaining low-cost.

In accordance with the type of cargo being moved, the device and organization of the warehouse are used forklifts, electric forklifts, and electric stackers.

Loaders are the most popular type of load-lifting equipment in construction, logistics, and agriculture. This technique is designed for moving, loading, unloading small, bulky goods, as well as goods of medium gravity. Loaders are multifunctional devices that move loads (cargoes) over long distances, lift them to different heights. Loaders are easy to operate, able to move around narrow aisles and in cluttered rooms. Loaders are available with diesel, gasoline, gas and electric engines.

Electric forklift is a universal special equipment, which is distinguished by its ecological compatibility, easy handling, maneuverability and high productivity. Due to the absence of any vapors, they can be used in food warehouses and in medical institutions.

Stackers are used to quickly perform lifting operations from the required height, stacking goods on top of each other, unloading vehicles. Electric stackers work on the electric drive, they allow to automate warehouse operations, to increase the efficiency of using the warehouse space. The electric stacker allows carrying out loading and unloading operations at a high altitude is characterized by mobility, simple control, and does not require special skills of personnel.

Shelf constructions

Stationary devices - various designs for storing goods in a warehouse (racks, pallets, containers). The most suitable solution for stacking and preserving products are racks. Shelving equipment - stacked metal structures, which are designed to store goods of various types, both in tare and on pallets. Racks solve the problem of saving space; depending on the requirements can be of different shapes and sizes.

The company "Evroeskort" provides a choice of various warehouse equipment, which will help to solve the problems of the efficient operation of the warehouse, convenient placement of goods and their movement. For more information, please contact our managers who will help you make the right choice.

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