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Film Packaging

Advantages of use

Film Packaging: Advantages of Use

Nowadays consumer's decision to purchase a particular product directly depends on the packaging of the product. Increasing importance is given not only to the external attractiveness of packaging, but also to such characteristics as high level of product safety, protection from external factors (light, moisture, heat) and from mechanical damage. Different types of packaging materials will to satisfy an increasingly demanding customer in different variations.

The use of film in the packaging has several basic functions:

− sealing of the package;

− creating a protective layer of the pack;

− creating a waterproof top layer to protect the contents of the package from moisture;

− keeping low or high temperatures;

− maintaining high strength at high voltage, shock, tear.

Types of film

Nowadays, market of the packaging materials is characterized by increased use of multilayer polymer films. Multilayer films are combination of several layers of different polymers, characterized by high mechanical and barrier properties. Every year the technology of packaging production of the films is improved where the single-layer films, the most common example of which is the cellophane package is almost replaced.

Depending on the properties (thickness, tackiness, elasticity, composition), the film is divided into types that are easy to use for a particular type of packaging and products.

The main types of film and their properties:

Heat-shrinkable film

The main properties are the ability to shrink under the influence of temperature and take the form of a packaged product, high transparency and good gloss, high strength, protection of products from environmental influences.

Stretch film

The main properties of the stretch film - high tensile strength, puncture resistance, protection from damage and contamination, high transparency, protection of cargo on pallets from scattering and damage.

Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) film

Used as a product packaging for a long shelf life. It protects against the effects of the external environment and impregnation with foreign smells while having a barrier effect. The possibility of passing the of air components (water vapor, carbon dioxide) outward and oxygen inside. Due to this property, the microclimate inside the package is maintained, which contributes to the long-term preservation of the products.

Choice of equipment

Packing in film always begins with the selection of specialized equipment. For the correct choice of packaging equipment, you should determine the type and size of the products to be packed, the type of film used, the required productivity and the degree of automation of the equipment.

On our site, there are range of models of equipment for film packaging. We have shrink machines, camera (chamber) vacuum packers, hot and cold tables. Packing machine is a professional equipment that will help to solve your needs and tasks. For specification/ characteristics and a correct choice of the equipment, please contact us, and our managers will offer you the best solution for your products.

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