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Sealing systems

Advantages of use

Sealing systems: types of equipment and their application

Currently, in any production with a significant volume of products, boxes of corrugated cardboard are indispensable, since such packaging is distinguished by its cheapness, convenience and ease of use. Quality and reliable packaging has an unreasonable value in the transportation and long-term storage of goods in the warehouse.

Sealing systems are the molders and gluers for corrugated boxes. This equipment is designed to speed up the packing process of corrugated products by automating the processes of forming and sealing corrugated boxes.

Formers corrugated boxes are used to form boxes of corrugated cardboard. Automatic and semi-automatic models of this equipment can reduce the time spent on packaging, simplify the process of forming boxes, increase productivity and save production space.

Sealers boxes (corrugated boxes) - packaging equipment that allows you to glue boxes and corrugated boxes with packing tape (adhesive tape). These installations in the accelerated mode carry out gluing of seams of the top and bottom flaps of boxes from corrugated cardboard. Stickers are high-performance machines that reduce the cost of materials, using machine-wound packing tape up to 990 meters. Adhesive tape is different in widths of 50 or 75 mm, according to the color scheme, as well as with the presence of the manufacturer's logo. Adhesive tape which has width of 75 mm is mainly used for packing heavy boxes.

When using corrugated box sealers, the appearance of the product improves, which directly affects the competitiveness of this product. With the help of a sticker, you will always receive equally glued boxes with the same overlapping of the adhesive tape. One of the fundamental factors of this equipment is the absence of mistakes that are connected with man labor.

Advantages of using box sealers

The use of stickers has several advantages:

− Reducing the number of staff employed in packaging process;

− Reduction in the cost of production due to a decreasing in manual labor;

− Reduction of the used production area for packaging;

− Improving the quality of packaging;

− Decreasing the amount of adhesive tape used.

All these factors contribute to the wide application of these machines at numerous enterprises in the food, pharmaceutical, light industries and other industries.

Classification of corrugated box sealers

The controllers are divided into:


Automatic box sealers are designed for a continuous cycle; they close themselves the flaps of the boxes and seal the valves. These installations are characterized by the ability to independently reconfigure themselves for different sizes of incoming boxes. Such models are of advantage for using on the lines with simultaneously boxes receiving of various sizes. For lines with one box size, it is more advantageous to use automatic box sealers which are have manual adjustment mode to the size of the box. Setting up the equipment takes 2 minutes. The productivity of automatic packaging equipment allows you to glue 13-15 boxes within one minute.


If the production process is characterized by irregularity, small quantities of goods, packing of goods into the box by hand, then it is advisable to use semi-automatic box seals. The presence of the operator is necessary to close the upper flaps before sealing and pushing the box into the sealer. These models are the most affordable while having a high payback period due to savings of consumables.

Way of operation of the box sealers:


Mono-format box sealers are used when packing boxes with the one format only.


Multi-format equipment is designed to work with boxes of various shapes and sizes without interrupting the process of sealing. Such box sealers will be the optimal solution for enterprises with several types of boxes.

The company "Evroeskort" provides the possibility of choosing both manual dispensers and semi-automatic equipment. More details about the models, which are available can be obtained from the specialists of the company. Our managers will help you to choose the right machine that best suits your conditions.

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