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Pallet wrappers

Advantages of use

Pallet wrapping: usage

Nowadays, various industries often have questions related to the packaging of manufactured products. The ideal economical solution is the use of special equipment - pallet-wrapping machines. Palletizing cargo is very convenient both for shipments to the end customers and for warehousing.

Pallet wrapping machines - equipment for winding goods with a stretch-film on pallets for reliable fixation of cargo. Using pallet wrappers allows you significantly increase the productivity of packaging process which provides savings in consumables, and an opportunity to strictly record each product. Products packed with a pallet wrapper in a stretch film do not crumble, do not deform and are reliably protected from weather condition such as rain and snow, dust and dirt.

Classification of pallet wrappers

Pallet wrapper in a few minutes will professionally pack a pallet with entire load. Unlike the operator, the pallet wrapper works precisely, according to the set cycle, because the pallet packaging always has high quality, the film consumption is the same for each standard pallet.

Pallet wrappers have a different design. Depending on the complexity and cycle of operations of the pallet-packing machine, the following are distinguished:

− Fully automatic pallet wrapping machines

Are capable to work without participation of the person in structure of automatic packing lines.

− Semiautomatic pallet wrapping machines

Perform the basic winding process independently, but require operator participation in intermediate stages.

− Mechanized pallet wrappers

Equipment that does not perform automatic actions, but greatly facilitates the work of the operator-packer.

− Hand pallet wrappers

Devices for manual pallet wrapping by the operator.

Enterprises that produce a large volume of products choose automatic pallet wrappers. Automatic pallet wrappers are more expensive than all other types, but they give the opportunity to save the film due to pre-extension. Two-stage stretch film stretching systems allow achieving a high degree of pre-stretching. Some models of the pallet wrappers pretension reach 300%, that is, the film stretches along the length of four times, without changing its width. Effectively all automatic pallet-wrapping machines have the facility to work in manual mode.

Semiautomatic pallet wrappers are mobile - the pallet wrapper moves to the load where the stationary - the cargo is transported to the pallet-wrapping machine.

Stationary semi-automatic pallet wrappers have two types: with a rotating platform and with a rotating arm.

The principle of operation of a pallet wrapper with a rotating platform is simple: after installing the pallet with products on the turntable and starting the machine, the turntable starts to rotate, and the carriage with the film roll evenly wraps the pallet with the products in the stretch film.

A pallet wrapper with a rotating arm - the design of this equipment does not have a turntable, instead the carriage with a film moves around the packed load on a so-called rotating arm, which allows you quickly and efficiently pack the pallet in a stretch film, without any weight restriction.

Mobile semi-automatic pallet wrapping machines - multifunctional semi-automatic pallet packing machine with automatic working cycle. The mobile pallet wrapper is convenient for packing large, heavy or too light loads, and is convenient where it is necessary to make packaging in different parts of the warehouse, or where insufficient space makes it difficult to move pallets with a loader.

Useful functions of pallet wrappers

Usage of the pallet wrappers in the warehouse or production significantly speeds up the process of packaging ready for shipping, provides a safe and convenient transportation of cargo to the final destination.

The use of pallet wrappers provides:

− significantly higher labor productivity;

− reliable, high-quality packaging;

− reducing the cost of packaging material and more precise control of its consumption;

− reduction of personnel costs (reduction of the number of employees involved in the packaging process).

A wide variety of pallet wrappers makes it possible to choose the best option for each manufacturer - from a manual pallet wrapper to an automated line. The choice of pallet wrapper depends on the nature of the goods to be packed, its dimensions, transportation and storage conditions. The company "Evroeskort" offers different models of pallet-wrappers with a high quality, among which you can choose the equipment, based on your goals and requirements.

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