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Equipment for straps

Advantages of use

Equipment for straps: usage

Strapping machine has been an essential and reliable assistant in tying up various products and goods. Today companies at different production cycles, as well as at the stages of sales of products, have different needs such as necessity to link, group, and consolidate any cargo or products for the purpose of further convenient and reliable transportation. To solve all these tasks, a number of special packaging machines and equipment has been developed.

Strapping machines are special equipment that is used for packing (tying) loads of various configurations with packing straps or cords.

Depending on the type of straps or cords used for packaging, strapping machines are used for:

− polypropylene (PP) straps;

− polyester (PET) straps;

− with metal bands;

− paper and plastic straps;

− elastic cord or elastic band.

Strapping machine: the way of operation

The principle of the strapping machine is the following: the strap is connected by a method of controlled temperature welding, for which the machines is equipped with electric heating elements, or special clamps. In addition to the welding temperature of the strap, the machines adjust the tension of the strap and the length of its ejection.

Types of strapping machines:

− PP and PET straps - by welding or vibration welding;

− metal straps - by punching, gas-tungsten welding or special clips (staples);

− paper and plastic straps - by welding or ultrasonic welding;

− elastic cord or elastic band - by tying in a knot.

Areas of application of strapping machines

Strapping machines are currently used in various industries and areas of activity where reliable packaging equipment is needed. Among them:

− textile industry - for packing pulp, cotton, chemical fiber;

− construction industry - for packaging of brick, stone and other building materials;

− metallurgical industry - for packaging of metal blanks and finished metal structures;

− food industry - for soft strapping, as individual cans, greens, flowers, and group bundles of products in boxes;

− trade - for bundling packages of goods as protection from opening;

− warehouses - for tying various boxes, pressed garbage and cardboard, pallets with products.

Types of strapping machines

Today, there is a wide range of the strapping machines.

This equipment can be divided into the following types:

Semi-automatic strapping machines

Semiautomatic strapping machine is a small device with a packing table and electric heating elements. Semiautomatic packing machines are designed for high-speed binding (wrapping) of goods with a packing strap, the fastening of which is made by the welding method due to friction or heat-sealing. The absence of staples to connect the ends of the strap reduces the cost of consumables. Semiautomatic strapping machines function partially in manual mode as well as in automatic mode. The packing operator places the packaging object on the working surface of the strapping machine, selects the tension level of the strap and manually feeds the free end of the packing strap into the nest (slot) of the fence. Then the machine does everything on its own: the packing strap is tightened around the load, its ends are firmly welded, the strap is cut off - the entire packing cycle is completed.

The main advantages of semi-automatic strapping machines:

− mobility and compactness;

− ease of use, setup and maintenance;

− adjustment of the tension of the belt;

− adjustable welding time;

− reliability in operation;

− high bond strength.

Automatic strapping machines

Automatic strapping machines are an essential packaging equipment with high productivity to create professional packaging. Automatic machines are designed to form a reliable tightening of the cargo with packing bands, fastening it by welding or friction. Automatic packaging machine is equipped with a rail (guide) frame. The dimensions of this frame (arches) depend on the dimensions of the cargo. Automatic strapping machines allow to fully automate and facilitate the process of packing the cargo as much as possible. The device performs almost everything on its own: it covers the cargo, welds and cuts the packing strap and extends its free end through the groove of the guide frame, ensuring complete preparation for the re-cycle of the package.

The main advantages of automatic strapping machines:

− increased productivity;

− fast heating of the heating element;

− the convenience of the packaging process;

− adjustable conveyor speed;

− easy filling of the strap;

− self-diagnosis and adjustment.

The company "Evroeskort" offers a wide range of strapping devices, depending on the type of bundled product, working conditions and implementation area. On our web-site, you can find the description and technical characteristics of all the presented models, which will allow you to choose a strapping machine that completely meets your needs and expectations. Our managers are here to help and consult you in order to make a right choice as well as answer any question you have or which might arise.

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