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Ribbon strapping tool

Advantages of use

Band strapping: use and main advantages

Strapping or packing (bundling) the goods with packing straps is an effective, simple and reliable type of packing of goods.

Packing with a band became a fundamental part of the packaging industry, replacing the manual strapping with the cord and other offhand means. The strapping is used to fix the goods for the purpose of its further convenient and reliable transportation, as well as ergonomic storage.

The popularity of the strap for securing cargo is explained by the presence of a number of undeniable advantages along with other ways of tying. The main advantages of strap usage for tying goods are its economy, durability, convenience and ease of use. The physical properties of this packaging material make it possible to hold the load in place, despite inevitably arising shakes during transport of the load.

Packing tape: types and their application

Packing strap is a flat piece of material made of metal or plastic. Over the past several decades, a significant variety of packing straps has been created, which differs in their technical parameters (width, thickness, strength), which makes it possible to use them most optimally for packaging goods of various sizes and weight.

The packing/wrapping strap can be:

− polypropylene - for packaging of pallets, boxes used for further storage and transportation;

− metal - it is used for fastening heavy goods;

− polyester - in strength equal to metal, suitable for fixing multi-tonnage loads;

− cord - this material is most often used for tying oversized objects, for example, machines.

Band strapping tool: what to choose

As the range of packing straps is very wide, there is a whole range of tools, devices and machines for professional packaging. The strapping is performed manually using special tools, either semi-automatically or fully automated, by means of specialized strapping machines.

The entire binding process consists of three steps: feeding the strap around the load, tensioning the strap and securing its ends.

Automatic and semi-automatic strapping machines are characterized by high performance and speed strapping, so they are an indispensable packaging equipment in large enterprises.

Stretching tool is widely used in small industries, as well as for packaging bulky, volumetric products.

There are following types of strapping tools:

− Manual;

− Electric;

− Pneumatic.

The hand tool is a mechanical device: separate (tensioner, clamp) and combined (performs the entire cycle of tying, combining the functions of several devices).

Electric and pneumatic tools accelerate and simplify the packaging process. The power of electrical devices is provided by the electric network or charged batteries. For the operation of pneumatic devices, compressed air is used. Fastening the ends is done by welding.

Strap dispensers are used for the simplicity and convenience of the packaging process. These special devices are designed to transport and evenly unwind plastic straps.

The company "Evroeskort" provides a wide range of different types of strapping tools. On our website, you can familiarize yourself with all the models presented in our store, and, depending on the goals and tasks. Simply choose a quality packaging tool that will work effectively and for a long time.

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