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Packaging equipment

Packaging equipment: advantages of use

Today, high-quality packaging is very important for consumer confidence. Evaluating products, buyers pay great attention to the packaging. Actually, therefore, the demand for packaging equipment is growing year by year, and the explanation is most obvious: packaging equipment is a virtually universal solution. Packaging machines and equipment for packaging products can be used in both food and non-food industries. Modern packaging equipment also allows solving the problems of labor-intensive production for large enterprises with significant volumes of output. That is why the packaging equipment is divided into manual, automatic and semi-automatic. Automation of production processes simplifies and accelerates the packing and packaging of goods, and reduces the number of labor resources involved in this process.

Packing equipment: varieties

There are many varieties of packaging machines, each of which is based on a certain criteria. Thus, for example, such categories of mechanisms for packaging are used:

− In the field of application - food and non-food industry;

− By type of product - for liquid substances, loose mixtures, fragment goods, etc.;

− According to the type of packaging material - cardboard, barrier films, shrink films, blister, etc.;

− By type of process performed - for packaging, packaging, labeling, dosing of goods and combined processes;

The key parameters for selecting an aggregate are planned productivity and efficiency of use.

Packaging equipment: main consumers of the market

The main consumer of packaging is the food industry. The packaging of food and beverages constitutes for about 60% of the total volume of packaging produced.

A fifth of all packaging equipment is purchased by the pharmaceutical industry. The demand for pharmaceutical products is not subject to economic downturns and fluctuations. Therefore, the demand for quality packaging for this industry only increases.

The next largest demand is the packaging of chemical products. Packaging of the textile and woodworking industry is becoming increasingly popular.

Equipment for packaging allows minimizing storage and transportation costs, and makes it possible to produce group and universal packages. Packaging equipment is very diverse: depending on the type of product, its dimensions, storage and transportation conditions, it is possible to select equipment that meets all the requirements.

Packing equipment: main trends

The big competitions of the packaging market forces manufacturers constantly improve the equipment. Now, there are several general trends in the packaging equipment market:

− Universality;

− High performance;

− Maximum automation;

− Wide functionality;

− Cost-effectiveness;

− Easy maintenance.

Manufacturers of the packaging industry use all their scientific and technical resources; introduce new developments and technologies to improve the functionality of machines, as well as to simplify their operation and service as much as possible.

«Evroeskort» studies in detail all the changes in the packaging industry, follows the main market trends in order to provide the widest possible range of different types of packaging equipment of high quality and efficiency. On our website, you will find a detailed description and basic characteristics for each type of equipment. If you have any questions, call us, and our managers will help you with choosing the right model of equipment.

We are constantly working on refilling and increasing the range of packaging equipment to satisfy the demands of all our customers.

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