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Metal brace, buckle, corners

Advantages of use

Strapping band functionality

Nowadays, packing strapping bands are used in any area of industry and have become an indispensable element in all areas of human life. Packaging strapping bands are characterized by high strength, durability, and simplicity and safety in operation. Packing strap contributes to the preservation of the integrity of the goods during transportation and storage in the warehouse.

The use of metal, polypropylene and polyester straps is an effective solution for economical, high quality and durable packaging and binding of various types of cargo and various dimensions. All kinds of packaging strap perform a protective function, protecting the goods from mechanical damages, environmental influences, and ensure the tightness of the package, preserving all the quality of the goods and its presentational look.

Methods of fastening packing bands

Packing of cargo by a strap is carried out with use of semi-automatic and automatic packing machines, and with the help of a hand tool. Manual packaging uses mechanical and pneumatic tools, as well as special consumables and fasteners. The packing strap is fixed with metal and plastic buckles, staples, which firmly fix the ends of the strap. Protective corners are used to protect the cargo from damage, as well as to prevent rubbing and tearing of the packing strap.

Modern consumables help to make safe and complete transportation of goods, optimize the compact storage of products in the warehouse. An alternative option for fastening materials for fastening the packing strap is welding. The welding process is characterized by its manufacturability, high productivity and low time spent on packaging. At the same time, the welding strap bonding method is sensitive to low temperatures, therefore at negative temperature values this method is not allowed. Staples and buckles made from metal are characterized by resistance to temperature fluctuations, therefore can be used practically in any weather conditions.

Types of accessories for straps

Fixing materials are practical and convenient, they are therefore a reliable ways for packing with a low cost.

The most common components are:

− Clamp bracket (bracing)

One of the most common fasteners, which is used to securely fasten the ends of the packing strap. The metal bracket is made of high-quality steel and provides a strong fixation of the strap. Clamp bracket is carried out on a pre-tensioned strap with a special tying tool: mites or a combined device.

− Staple wire (buckle)

Simple and easy to use fastener, which helps to fasten the ends of the packing straps while tying the goods. The buckle is made of metal wire of a certain shape, which ensures its self-fixation on the strap. The ends of the strap are joined by tensioning the strap and then clamping it in the wire brace resulting in a strong natural lock. Strap can be stretched, both manually and with the use of a tensioner.

− Cardboard Corner

Cardboard corners are designed to preserve the integrity of the goods during transportation, loading unloading and storage. Corners prevent damage to the corners and ends of the packaging, deformation of the load when stacked, allow you to strengthen the rigidity of the package. Nowadays, the following types of the corners can be distinguished: corners with adhesive strap, L-shaped profile, U-shaped profile and bending corner.

− Plastic Corner

Plastic corners are auxiliary accessories used to protect packaging materials and the packaging itself from various damages. Plastic corners are used together with polymer packing straps. Due to its specific rigidity, the corner allows to avoid damage to the corners and edges of the goods, dents on the packaging from straps, tears and rubbing strapping bands (straps).

The company "Evroeskort" provides a variety of consumable packaging materials. Depending on the type of products, the type of packaging equipment used and packaging straps, our specialists will help you to choose suitable fastening and needed products in your particular case.

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