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Metal tape

Advantages of use

Usage of metal tape

Metal packing strap is one of the most common material for packing and transporting heavy freights. Due to its high durability and reliability, the metal band has found its purpose in the production of building materials, woodworking, glass and metallurgical industry. This strap is used for packing and transportation of pipes, boards, lumber, building blocks, as well as various kinds of metal structures, fittings and other heavy cargoes. The metal band is made out of high-quality carbon steel, the surface of which is applied with a wax coating for good sliding when tightened, where the edges of the strap are rounded to reduce injury.

Main advantages and disadvantages

In certain cases, the use of metal strap is exceptional, since the use of other packaging materials is not possible. For example, steel strap is the only option for packing cargoes, the weight of which exceeds the available loading level for PET tape. Steel strap has a number of undeniable advantages, compared to other types of packaging tapes:

− Application in any climate conditions;

− Usage for packing of goods with high temperature;

− Resistance to sharp objects;

− High force of lugging the cargo;

− Use for load products in several layers and stacking loads.

Despite the obvious advantages, the steel tape, like other packaging materials, has some disadvantages, which include:

− Stretching the belt during transportation, which leads to a weakening of the fixation of the freight;

− Low resistance to impact force. If the strap is struck heavily, the strap may burst, since it will not be able to completely repel the impact;

− Exposure to corrosion under the influence of moisture, as well as in an aggressive environment, which can lead to damage and rust traces on the cargo package;

− Possible risk of injury while dismounting the belt from unpacked goods.

Main characteristics of the material

Metal packing tape, as a rule, is covered with a special anti-corrosion coating or zinc, which allows the strap to serve longer in damp and aggressive conditions and not be exposed to the temperature influence. The steel band differs by width of the metal, its softness and the manufacturing method. The strap therefore can have a different surface, structure and a different type of edge. Based on the type of production, there are hot-rolled and cold-rolled metal bands (obtained by hot rolling or longitudinal cutting sheet rolled steel). During the manufacturing of the metal strap for packaging and for further transportation, it is being rolled into rolls. Two types of strap rolls are used: cross winding and tape.

Packing of goods with metal tape

Packing of cargo by a metal strap is carried out in two stages: at the first stage, installation and stretching of a strap where the second stage is - fixation of a strap by the lock. After strapping the cargo, the ends of the steel strap are connected by a dead-end method using self-tightening locks or metal clips using a punching technique. For binding strap normally use a mechanical and pneumatic hand tools, as well as automatic packaging machines that allow you to make the packaging of metal strap fast and high-quality.

Metal packing strap is an effective solution for affordable, high quality and reliable packaging of various kinds of goods, which will ensure the protection and safety of the goods. To purchase a metal packing strap and clarify the questions you might have, contact one of our qualified sales managers, who will provide you with all necessary information.

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