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Food paper

Advantages of use

Paper in packaging

Nowadays, paper is the simplest and most common packaging material. Despite the active distribution of plastic, paper remains one of the most popular types of packaging. Due to its low cost, availability and multi functionality, the paper is widely used in various industries and services. Paper packaging is used in the manufacture of medical, pharmaceuticals, household chemicals and hygiene products, tobacco products, construction materials and agricultural products. However, the leader in the use of packaging paper is the food industry. About 80% of all packaging paper is used for food packaging.

Basic properties of food paper

Wood pulp, cellulose and recycled waste paper are the main materials from which food paper is made, which make this type of packaging one of the most affordable on the market. The variety of formats and densities provided by manufacturers make paper practical and convenient for use.

Advantages of food paper:

− ecological cleanliness and absence of toxins, due to which the paper is harmless to the environment and human health;

− ease of disposal;

− the possibility of recycling for further use;

− high air permeability;

− excellent printing properties;

− preservation of the taste qualities of packaged products;

− resistance to water and penetration of fatty substances;

− strength;

− lack of taste and smell, so that the paper does not affect the contents.

Main types of food paper

Paper packaging for food should comply with a number of standards and requirements for the material.

Food packaging should be:

− resistant to fat;

− able to protect the product from moisture and foreign smells;

− without toxins, unpleasant odor and taste;

− strong and abrasion-resistant;

− suitable for printing and coating with paint.

Most often, parchment and parchment are used to meet existing requirements and create high-quality paper packaging.

Parchment is a dense, greaseproof paper made of pure cellulose base paper. After parchment, the material acquires the properties of strength, resistance to moisture, fat and high temperatures. Has a high density, does not break down in water, even when boiled, does not give extra smell and taste.

The sub-parchment - thin high-strength sheets of paper made from cellulose of fatty grinding, with limited grease tightness and high mechanical strength. It is used for packaging mainly food products with a low fat content (confectionery, ice cream, etc.).

The company "Evroeskort" provides a choice of parchment and sub-parchment paper that will make the packaging of products reliable with high quality and will be an effective solution to all your needs. Contact our managers to clarify the information you are interested in.

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