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Air-bubble film

Advantages of use

Structure of air-bubble film

Air-bubble film is a special packing material with high cushioning properties, which ensures increased safety of the products during transportation and storage. The film is made of high-density polyethylene and is a multi-layered structure. The air-bubble film consists of at least two layers: a substrate and a bubble layer. The substrate is a thin, dense layer of high-density polyethylene. The bubble layer is a layer of polyethylene welded to the substrate with bubbles filled with dry air. Each bubble is clearly separated from each other, so that if the integrity of one bubble is violated, the others remain undamaged and keep the air inside them.

The main advantages of a bubble film

Air bubble film is ideal for packaging small goods and cargo, as well as for transportation of large items. Due to its unique properties, this type of film has gained popularity among packaging materials.

Air bubble film has a number of significant advantages:

− environmentally friendly material (does not pose a threat to humans and the environment);

− high mechanical strength;

− wide operating temperature range (from -60°C to +80°C);

− high thermal insulation;

− dust and water resistance;

− high thermal insulation;

− possibility of reusable use;

− excellent cushioning properties;

− high electrical resistance (for antistatic film);

− sound-absorbing properties;

− durability;

− light weight;

− low cost.

Application of a bubble film

Air-bubble film is a universal material for the packaging of easily damaging and fragile items made of glass, ceramics, and porcelain. This type of film provides a high level of protection of the cargo from moisture, dust, shocks, and vibrations. Bubble film is indispensable in the transport of things of non-standard shapes and sizes, and can be used in various areas:

− for packing:

  = All kinds of furniture products;

  = Products of the electrical industry;

  = Dishes, mirrors, glassware and porcelain;

  = Lighting fixtures;

  = Valuable things and antiques; Food products;

  = Light metal structures;

  = Optics;

  = Medical equipment and medicines;

− in construction (as noise, heat and moisture insulation);

− in agriculture (for hiding greenhouses and early seedlings in the ground);

− to cover swimming pools;

− for apartment and office crossings.

Types and parameters of a bubble film

There is two-layer and three-layer air-bubble film.

A two-layer film consists of two layers: a smooth layer of polyethylene and a layer of bubbles. The most affordable type of products. It is used as a packing material and cushioning material.

Three-layer film consists of three layers: a layer of bubbles is located between two smooth layers of polyethylene, which makes it durable to damages. The material is characterized by higher density and strength values, and provides protection that is more reliable.

The main parameters of the film are the diameter of the air bubble and the density. The diameter of the air bubble varies from 10 to 25 mm; it is the index that directly affects the film thickness. Density determines the magnitude of the maximum load: the higher the density, the greater the load and pressure the film can withstand. Air bubble film is available in the form of sheets, rolls and bags.

The company "Evroeskort" provides an opportunity to purchase a two-layer and three-layer air-bubble film. Please, place an order and get the necessary consultation. If you have any other question or inquiries, please do not hesitate to contact one of our sales managers.

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