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Packaging materials

Today, any product needs high-quality packaging. After all, packaging plays an important protective function during packing, transportation and storage of goods. As the market of packaging equipment and packaging materials evolves rapidly, a number of requirements for packaging increases simultaneously. In addition to protect the goods from all possible damages, safety of all qualities and its look, packaging is acting as a cover, it forms the image of the product, thereby stimulating demand and attracts the customers.

Modern types of packaging

Packaging elements can be divided on packaging and strapping materials. Today, the Ukrainian market offers a wide range of packaging materials. Depending on the type of packaging material, the following types of packaging can be distinguished:

− Paper and cardboard packaging

For packaging can be used a variety of boxes, sheet and wrapping paper, cardboard, corrugated cardboard. A qualitative and suitable type of container facilitates the processes of transportation, storage of documents, office equipment, various small items and products.

− Metal packaging

It is made out of sheet metal, sheet steel and aluminum. Characterized by great light tightness and low permeability for oxygen. Such containers are mostly used to store liquid and volatile substances, as well as preservative products.

− Glass packaging

A variety of glass containers are used for storing and transporting liquid goods (milk, alcoholic and nonalcoholic beverages, cosmetic and perfume products, etc.).

− Wooden packaging

It is a different kind of boxes, pallets, baskets, which are made from different types of wood. Such containers are used, first, for transportation and storage of food products (fruits, vegetables), as well as industrial goods (paints, powders etc.).

− Packing of polymers

This category includes products made of synthetic materials: bags, packs, tubes, stretch films, polyethylene films, adhesive tapes, air bubble films. The materials used (polystyrene, polyethylene, polypropylene, polyvinyl chloride, plastic, plastic, film) are versatile in application and easy to process.

Development of polymer packaging

The packaging film polymer materials are the second largest type in terms of production volumes after cardboard and paper packaging. Factors such as decent price, short production cycle and growing demand make such package in demand. Polymer films have a long shelf life, are not exposed to moisture and temperature, and are characterized by high strength and resistance to tears. For the more effective use of packaging films, developments are continuing to achieve high moisture resistance, adhesion to other materials, ink retention for printing etc.

Today, packaging is an important element of the commodity policy, and its production is a large branch of manufacture that is dynamically developing, applying new technologies in equipment and presenting an wide range of packaging materials.

Evroeskort offers a wide range of packaging materials necessary for high-quality transportation and long-term storage of products. Based on the specifics of your production, the managers of our company will select the optimal packing materials that meet your requirements. Contact our managers and you will receive the best packaging solution that meets your goals and wishes.

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